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On March 18, as part of the "Great Debate", 65 intellectuals [8 philosophers, 10 sociologists, 12 economists, 11 scientists, 9 writers/think tanks, 6 historians, 6 political scientists, 3 lawyers], invited by President Macron, assembled in his presence at the Élysée for 8 hours 10 minutes. 29400 seconds, i. e. optimally: 29400/ (65+1) = 445.45 seconds of speaking time per person (7 minutes, 25.45 seconds).
Or rather, to be fair, considering the host: (29400/2)/65 = 226.15 seconds, 3 minutes 46.15 seconds of speaking time per intellectual.

The Élysée mentioned about a hundred guests. Of the 35 missing, one cried in public why he would not go, a dozen would have respectfully justified their absence, which does not justify the absence of intervention by any other way. The others are unknown.

I'm trying 8 speeches. Less than 1809.23 seconds, 30 minutes 9.23 seconds.
The full text is available on, new concepts are indicated by an asterisk*.



3 minutes 44 seconds

We have put at the head of the country, elected by less than a quarter of France, the majority of compelled voters, someone who could be described, but only if he were a fictional character, like a kid one day, a bad actor the other, who would place on politics the only operating model of triumph he would know, linked to excitement and affection, the development of his fragile adolescent brain having been interrupted, and thus having prevented him from ever reaching maturity in judgment, especially self-judgment. The model would be: "alone against common opinion". Like an addiction, he would need this conflict for more than 25 years. Yellow Vests would give it to him.

Then he would play out a well-tried and referenced stage protocol that teenagers know well and that can be confused with the habits of politics such as ignorance, promises, diversion of attention, flight, illusion, use of accomplices, the wearing down, and division of audiences set up against each other, for only one strategy: to stall and dissolve efforts, make people forget the right, rage, reason and the law, until they surrendered. He would not have failed as a child against adults; then as an adult, by age, he would want a victory against his country, then against Europe, then against the world.

He would know nothing of life, but it is death that would betray him and his comedy in the face of one of humanity's primary acts: to bury the dead. He could not anticipate, even though he had deceived for so many years what he believed to be intelligence, because it was highly qualified or because it was rich or because it was publicly allowed to speak, was that he would not have the necessary intelligence to cheat solemnity.
The oral, gestural, behavioral comedies that he would totally fail to prepare and sufficiently train, overestimating improvisation once too often, are the ones he would use in front of Death. Mimicking solemnity to make people smile with disbelief. Mistaken in the speed of his step frustrating our patience. Even seeing him walk so slowly to kneel to lay a wreath almost inciting an astounded audience to help him. Composing with excess a noble expression to make people forget their own natural expressions.

What would arouse initial doubt, would make us frown, deep in our conscience, and alarm our instinct, is how unnatural he is in front of drama, death, war or a single grave, and that he grabs children to complete this painting.

If others are also clowns at the head of the world, they deliver with an irreproachable way their feeling: they don't pretend. It's raining, they don't want to go to a soldiers' cemetery to pay their respects, so they don't go. Frightening but frank, so at least without perversions in the consequences, which will also be frightening and frank.
Whereas if the French President does not know how to stand before a single grave, old or recent, if his comedy is visible, it is a fresh mass grave of anonymous children that appears on the other side of the world.

The presidency would therefore be organized around an erotic game and an addiction. This is not politics.
The Yellow Vests, as adults, indicate a safety barrier: a grown-up would know that he must back down before the worst happens, but the child would only be angry because he had chosen an easy side too early when he would have much more fun fighting on the other side. He would do it against Europe. It would be until the overdose.
For a child, a soldier is a toy.



3 minutes 25 seconds

The platitude of the analysis of President Macron's behavior fails to be taken into account. Nor should it be the great concern that the cold, stiff, strangely scrupulous and quietly tenacious, dominating and authoritarian but so discreet an attitude of the Prime Minister, who is pursuing a chiselled work, private, mechanical, cruel because without anaesthesia, without any supervision or opposition, in a setting that may be soundproof but certainly desensitized.

The Government, like Parliament, is made up of people from civil society: the point was to demonstrate that, unlike pure politicians, they would have local knowledge, they would have already worked, they would have the same experience as society. The society believed it, it said to itself: they will know. Indeed, they know how to think like anyone else, small scale thinking, one by one, having retained only details from their lives that they now solve by creating laws that have everything to do with personal revenge, or with the same vision as a confident boaster has when he claims he would do better than the big boss. "If I had the power" everyone said to each other. That's the result.

Another characteristic of the Government and Parliament is their youth. They have never worked, they have no experience of anything, they explain life, they make great lessons, they have great solutions given in an assured tone, but above all: no generosity. The void.

As for the only “République en marche Parliament” as known as French Parliament, chosen in the lottery, it will only have been a sideshow full of voluntary slaves.

You don't govern with your little ideas. Society must now understand that it is not just a matter of settling scores on the basis of one's experience when governing, and, incredibly, politicians know it. They are obliged to refer to public opinion: they are aware that they know nothing about people and fear them.

French public life is a farce. No dictatorship, no tyranny, or history would be insulted. The Big Circus of France will be enough. Come and applaud the trapeze artists, jugglers, knife throwers, magicians and rope dancers, and the highlight of the show: the Circus Clown, his pet, and the Ring Master.

Show will go on because the current elite, the whole elite, in order to survive, must and wants to take it seriously, even fighting, without ideas, against it.

No one should take it lightly: there is a tension in progress that deregulates reality and realism, is harmful, ingested, extremely serious, and calls for drama.

There's no point in trying to find an explanation for the movement of the Yellow Vests by starting the analysis in 2017. The last two years are certainly not to be isolated for themselves. Making the present look like a spontaneous generation of events is a way to terrorize society, present as a permanent attack, an unexpected event. Maintaining in all speeches that we are living in an era of "uncertainties" is only a means, for the Power, to make people believe that they are on the edge of a cliff which, in fact, does not exist. The elite use the word "uncertainties" abundantly as well. Unfortunately, it is not strategic, it is not even a way to hide their incompetence: they believe in the cliff. Worse still, they want it.
Thus the elite of the far left, with a revolting unconsciousness, push the Yellow Vests to reach the edge of the cliff.
But they won't go.



2 minutes 50 seconds

In more than 4 months, no thesis has come from an elite to solve the mystery of the formation of the Yellow Vests, nor to support them except (but two months after the beginning) in angry parliaments where, from the graduate and activist platform, a few people use proudly the caricatured language they believe theirs.
Those on the right saw arrogant, violent, nihilistic and anti-Semitic idiots, to be silenced and killed quickly by the police, and those on the left, a manna, necessarily on their side, to be warmed up, to encourage the movement to endorse them.

No thesis has attempted to argue that one of the enigmas of the world's movements had ultimately delivered a clue, offered in a stable and relatively concentrated form, in one of the most educated, brilliant countries, and the one of Human Rights. Humanity has moved forward so far, certainly not with poetry, a heroic literary verve and already its own thesis or even a program. But raw like Humanity is.

Why the right-wing elites don’t know who the Yellow Vests are, don’t consider where the drama of the Yellow Vests lies; why the far-left elites have not anticipated or recognized them either and are not able to recover them, that no commentator or columnist has succeeded in a cause-and-effect analysis of the actions of the government and the claims of the Yellow Vests, that the Yellow Vests did not care about the first financial proposals to calm them down, that the sociologists are totally wrong in describing them, that the media spent two months interviewing them to understand who they were, that the Government itself, in the end, and the President, ignore the movement, play avoidance tactics and invent parallel solutions which defer to all the society, amazed to be summoned for consultation when people obstinately looked elsewhere: none of this is mysterious.

One year ago, the elite asked itself: "How did we get here?" We = the all world, France, anybody, “Here” was a detail or infinity : “here” did not need a definition. The elite answered the question on radio and television broadcasts: "We don't know", and it even said it laughing as if the question was obviously unanswerable. In the same time, the elite asked itself: "What about tomorrow?”. Same answer, laughing: "We don't know".
Past is as unknown as future.
The elite does not know who the Yellow Vests are, why they are here, because, first of all, the elite can’t explain “How did we get here.”

And this question was asked exactly between the 2017 election and the formation of the Yellow Vests. At that time, opposition to President Macron was low and confusing, difficult, the general media opinion was that he had a course, a philosophy.

What happened, in less than a year, to generate the movement of the Yellow Vests?
It happened 50 years.



3 minutes 27 seconds

The Yellow Vests are composed of a majority of working people born after 1973 from parents who were 18 in 1968. They have only experienced crises, raised as Spartans and often over-educated, over-graduated, fired like cannonballs to crush themselves for years against unemployment. Then, only rolling, tired of failing, having found in the landscape only sadness along blocked roads, they have had to retreat, each time, whatever their efforts, forced to invent, dig, clear, pave, pay for their own path with their adult youth in order to be allowed the right to follow it.
They have obtained a private life only too late, already bankrupt, but never obtained the slightest pity.
Sometimes they have only the chance to survive by still having parents, now pensioners, and demonstrating that everything that could be done without in 68, is everything that saves us today from becoming a physical or mental wreck or ending up on the street.

The Yellow Vest movement came forward for its children, whereas the movement of 68 wanted its parents to die. The Yellow Vest movement finally seems have taken up the [direction/meaning] of life with logic. Life does not have to unite, life does not have to negotiate claims, it is nonsense. Life does not have a "social class", does not have to produce a program, does not have to be elected.

The Government could not know that these generations would decide that this non-life would stop at them, that they would not hand it down to their children, nor that the pensioners would then be the last human and financial safety net between their grandchildren and the void, nor that all these invented roads to survival should ultimately be charted on a new map.

Thus the generations of the crisis eliminated the notion of “social classes”. As complicated as they are, they could be described as holding on to the real thing. The update is colossal and will require a change in the social measurement system: there are now "social zones" that crisscross and spread through the layers of an outdated model and whose constitution criteria, internal parameters, integrate much more data, therefore more complexity.

Without knowing it, for the past two years, the Government has methodically been reviewing outdated files, with the aim of scraping 0.00000003 cents at each line raked; each law hurriedly moves the lines again, ready for new cuts and the government starts again, and again, and again, and it will start again for another 3 years. But in doing so, like a very meticulous accountant, the forehead stuck on his papers, it makes a random, unjust, real massacre, and shreds the societal fabric, disconcerting people, lost, none more so than pensioners. Some learned that they were part of the middle class a short time ago, and very soon after, the next day: they were considered rich.

The Government operates a social body that no longer has anything to do with the anatomical plates that we used to know. So it hurts a lot, hence the screaming to stop. And when there is a scream and you continue, you can be called an executioner, despite the media which is trying to explain, as we tell children: "it's for your own good, you'll see later.”

There is something about this that reminds us of torture, and it's unbearable.

But why are the Yellow Vests only screaming when it is the whole society that is concerned? Are they the only ones who feel pain?
Then why isn't the whole society screaming?



3 minutes 20 seconds

The Yellow Vests, in their truly really painful cacophony, on the networks, always manage to maintain a constant wavelength and, finally, almost by the majority, refute a preference towards extremes. They are the "Yellow Vests". And no one will do anything else with them. That is their strength, and it is exceptional.

The very seduction of the media is powerless: Yellow Vests are the most critical and no one will fool them, adepts of information para-systems, they only take what they want : the truth always has a bad time, sometimes funny, in a long and boiling cycle in their drum, but it comes out most often clean and pure. They settle their scores internally. They have demonstrated they are not for sale. They keep proving it.

The movement has highlighted the exceptional radicalization of the intellectual-media elite in two years, as a mirror of the political elite that has lost its long-standing blocks become moderators, the simple right, the simple left, and now has only a hysterical compass to represent the center. Elite status gives immunity to innocently slide from one of the extremes to the center without the path itself being visible. Except it is.

In two years, the elite has exposed its ideological preferences, which are diluted into thousands of meaningless shades, to protect itself from being too treacherous, simple and opened to criticism.
The story is long, there is no time here for its demonstration, it has got a beginning, not the only one, in 1968. In 2005, the Olympus of Thinkers, in France, has been complete. The usual commentators chose their assistants and opponents, and as early as 2010, the only possible way of independence, from within itself, was to promote intellectual affiliation with the far left. It has fostered the development of the expressionism of radical, right-wing tendencies among the intelligentsia.
Since then, they have been playing with each other, playing with historical references, particularly Nazism, the Shoah, and like children with memes. It's horrific. And ethics is on red alert.

Paris is the city of the two elites and everything was one, and everything was the other. They embrace, quarrel, insult, denigrate, are sarcastic, and at each step of the waltz, staring at each other, they move away from any realism. But it doesn't matter, since they decide what reality should be.

They enabled the two French populisms, plus Macronian populism, by default, by not fighting against it. Populisms of which they accuse everyone but themselves, of which they speak all day long as something external to their duty to denounce them. Or even, and this is bewildering, they use the word “populism” to designate the nature of the Yellow Vest movement. They reverse its very meaning and make it come from where it should be heading from political parties.

The discrepancies between reality and the analyzed transcription of it are now of the order of the abyss.
And each of the elites deprives itself of all the language necessary to demonstrate "how did we get here." They don't know how, but their attitude shows that they don't want to know. The Present is delightfully convenient for them, busy only devouring themselves.

They are not contemporary elites.



3 minutes 29 seconds

Who are the Yellow Vests?
I have another question. The killer question, I always ask in amusement:
If no one knows who the Yellow Vests are, who are the other 99.4% of French society?

President Macron is not in power because of the bankruptcy of political parties, any more than the Yellow Vests are on the street because of the latest laws. Both are the products of a society that has not been analyzed for more than 50 years*.

The elite is perfectly incapable of demonstrating this, and this is the only situational conceptual comparison, a live, yet historical, research laboratory, to explain how 1933 came about. We get very angry about 1933, in France and internationally, but we make a serious mistake by separating it from 1932, by taking it as a starting point, when it is the fall.
The funny thing is that the media, quite recently, were surprised that with so many journalists in Berlin then, none of them saw anything coming.
The purpose is not comparatively what is "after 1933". With all our power and technology, we will never do worse, never equal only the post-1933. It's done forever. The purpose is only "how and why 1933"*.

No one knows who the French society is for 50 years. The point is not that if we knew, we would know who the Yellow Vests are and why they are the only ones screaming in pain, the point is that if we knew who the French society is, the Yellow Vests would never have existed.
The answer to everything is:
French society is a totalitarian society*.
France is suffocating with anxiety because over the last 50 years, her society has become a totalitarian society*.

Yellow Vests are those in society that societal totalitarianism has not been able to absorb in its layers because they have a free language. The problem is that it is because of this freedom that this language is not heard, and they cannot escape elsewhere, even silently.
The society does not follow the movement because of its own totalitarianism, which is by essence perfectly unknown to it*. The society only knows how to look at them, silently, neither interested, nor disinterested; somewhere, it remembers vaguely something of itself, and quickly forgets it again.

Elites are missing, in France and throughout Europe, that it is not the extreme right that is "rising", but totalitarian societies that have started their ultimate welding together, paralyzing them in themselves, thus leaving a void as to their reality*, and therefore a total freedom to propaganda. The party capable of the strongest propaganda, using media the best, internationally, will win. "The rise of the extreme right" is too simple, the problem is infinitely more complex
 And we have experienced it in France: you can win an election without being elected. We can no longer judge a country by its head, present or future. If whole of Europe turned extreme, 70 to 80% would not have wanted it.

Totalitarian society predates and allows any totalitarian regime.
None of the causes of the formation of a totalitarian society is unknown. But where can we say it? And who will be listening? No one.
In 1933, the elites fled totalitarian regimes. Today, they remain and a small part of the people still able to escape, try to flee but obviously remain in their country, because this country is France.



3 minutes 16 seconds

The Yellow Vests know what a soldier is. There are as many black or yellow blocs in their movement as there are men who hit women and children in society. They are the society.
To consider them only violent and destructive is to consider the whole society a monster.

The yellow vests are there for their children. Children have been the victims of the elites for 50 years and the trend is horribly accelerating. The whole society is aware of this since it is its helpless associate, sad and exhausted.

The Yellow Vests have something of an imaginary pirate crew, to the free and equal brotherhood in it, but they are ashore; they want a ship, they want an ocean. They have never denied that France needed a captain, a detail that will have escaped the Power and the elites: there is no anarchy or terrorism in this movement, on the contrary, it is pro-votes, incredibly it requires politics, order, decisions, firmness, hierarchy, justice, therefore a sorting, therefore skills, therefore leaders, those who can read maps, and even without navigation instruments, find their way from the stars. So, obviously, nothing of what is in place.

The Yellow Vests is the unexpected resurgence of a massive political spirit in France, the resumption of adult seriousness. The people would revise their sources and ways and demonstrate how their knowledge has progressed of the political sphere and its challenges as well as their respect for their institutions, so painfully erected. They are the proof that France is still and once again France, that a somewhat mythical memory can mutate confoundingly easily, leaving a historical ether, and can reincarnate, standing, in the living, without vocabulary other than meaning and consciousness, to tilt the nano-weight for Humanity to pass again to the side of will and hope.

The movement demands the general restructuring, including ideas: the end of simplicity, the short, the easy, the inhuman, quite simply, for a new complexity, a new opera with the humanistic keyboard anew.

They believe in myths and myths are eternal.

The conduct of the French elites is an archaism AND an anachronism*, it prohibits the analysis of the last 50 years and the previous ones and promotes the winding, since 68, of the Present on itself*. We cannot reach our Contemporary*.

For decades, we have started rotting, strangling ourselves, one of the consequences of which is the siege march of the Yellow Vests, and not the other way around.
The yellow vests were accused of smashing the face of a mold of the Marseillaise, inside the Arc de Triomphe. It is necessary to see the action in reverse: the devastated face of the Marseillaise being reformed  by the fist of a Yellow Vest, restoring the complete look. We have to go back in time if we want to access the demonstration.

Yellow Vests are "Besiegers". Sedentary Migrants. They only have one avenue to walk to nowhere, or traffic circles to close, and then they go home. A siege march. The Power took the avenue back, but it’s pointless, since this movement has come to a standstill instead of following an endless Present* and could be the first in France, through this standstill, to obtain a sufficient liberation speed* and escape its orbit, to finally, as a pioneer, move on to the Contemporary*.



2 minutes 54 seconds

President Macron, for his campaign for the European elections, chose the word "renaissance", but he translated it into English as “renewal”, because Google Translate still has its limits if not him. So, as usual, he makes a contradiction in terms.

It doesn't matter what the election is, as long as there's no one to elect. And it doesn't matter who is elected as long as society is aware that being hysterically harangued to vote out of terror of the future, almost incitement to hatred, for a teenager, and for a story of which he is the only hero, does not exist. Even less so when we do not even know where the Present comes from, when no political, intellectual or media elite are able to say it. But we suffer its terror every day, for a whole adult life, therefore a whole child's life, except that the children do not know it.

To besiege the Present and its infernal destructive movement is a state of mind: to stop, take time, calm down, think without acting, postpone action, run at a loss, cherish your seconds again, find a free language, put words back in place of emptiness, a smile instead of nothing, competence above all, observe the other and respect yourself, protect our children, dog, and garden, from the time, whoever is weak whether vegetal, animal, human, if we are just a little stronger than them by expecting that there is stronger than ourselves to protect us, learn, understand, criticize and judge to learn and understand, resist. And resist. Resist as humans. It's already a revolution. To give a new spirit, a heart and a life to France. To be quietly proud of it, to find joy and first and foremost, urgently, relief.

The generation of the first oil crisis was the first in France to be unilaterally massively educated and we wanted it armed with a fighting rage by this education. Now they must remember and demonstrate that.

An intellectual and aesthetic elite must arrive,
[Banksy, if you hear me]
one which has intrinsically, evidence of its evolution and domination over itself, of its consciousness, forever judging outdated to belong to a political tendency, and which works only for Humanity, at the risk, otherwise, of passing one day by a child's corpse considered as a product, then as waste.

We must embark on a néo-Renaissance*, neo-Renaissance, in English, because it is the result and exit of a neo-Middle Age*.
Neo-humanism* or nothing more.

The way to Nothing More? It is quite simple: keep going straight ahead, don't turn around, and then: fall.

26 minutes 25 seconds
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